Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery is located very close to the center of Lewiston, on the banks of the Androscoggin River. This is where local birders greet returning songbirds in the spring. Migrants using the river for navigation often fall out in the mature trees surrounding the cemetery, and especially in the foliage along the river itself. Many common warblers remain to nest, typically including common yellowthroat, black-throated green, northern parula, American redstart, chestnut-sided, yellow, and pine warblers. Scarlet tanagers that inhabit the mature woodland next to the cemetery regularly forage along the river’s edge. Warbling vireos and Baltimore orioles are likely along the shoreline. As in all cemeteries, please be quiet and respectful of plots.

Directions: The entrance is at the end of Riverside Street, which turns off Route 202 in Lewiston just a half-mile north of Central Maine Medical Center, or a quarter mile south of Veterans Memorial Bridge. .
163-225 Summer St
Lewiston, ME 04240

GPS: 44.108881, -70.214526