Kennebec River Trail

House Finch
The Kennebec River Rail Trail is a paved path that runs along the Kennebec River from downtown Augusta to downtown Hallowell. It is popular for walkers in all seasons, but species of interest to summer birders are limited primarily to common warblers, double-crested cormorants and bald eagles. In winter, however, common mergansers, common goldeneyes, and occasional Barrow’s goldeneyes are found where flowing water keeps the river ice-free. Scan through flocks of gulls on ice-flows for unusual species. In migration, eiders and scoters use the river as a flyway to their northern breeding grounds and are sometimes seen passing in large numbers. In winter, check the ornamental trees throughout the area for bohemian and cedar Waxwings, and pine grosbeaks, feeding on lingering fruit.

Directions: there are multiple access points from main road along the river.

GPS: 44.260814, -69.774427