Somes Sound

Somes Sound
Natural fjords bordering the Atlantic are rare. Somes Sound is the only one in the United States. Glaciers scoured the earth between two peaks and suppressed the earth beneath. When the glaciers receded, the sea rushed in. Somes Sound is unremarkable in summer, spectacular in fall foliage, and interesting during the winter. All the usual Acadia sea ducks are seen here, and since Somes Sound is more sheltered from ocean breezes, the ducks are sometimes more readily observable.

In spring breeding season, where Sargeant Drive leaves the shoreline and enters a mature forest, blackburnian and pine warblers inhabit the white pines and oaks. There is a small park in this area (Suminsby Park) that is mostly used by weekend picnickers and volleyball enthusiasts. Look for common yellowthroats, American redstarts, and chestnut-sided warblers in the shrubs surrounding the park. In the secondary growth behind, look for black-throated green warblers and northern parulas. These give way to canopy warblers in the mature trees behind.

Directions: On the approach to downtown Northeast Harbor, look for a sign that points to Sargeant Drive along Summit Road. Bear right again on Millbrook Road, leading to Sargeant Drive, which hugs Sommes Sound until returning to Route 198.
Mt Desert, ME 04660

GPS: 44.336142, -68.304306