Pretty Marsh

Pretty Marsh
Pretty Marsh is a tiny village that contains a park picnic area of cathedral-like quality. Tall cedar, spruce, and hemlock trees tower above it, making a pleasant home for nuthatches and woodpeckers. Blue-headed vireos are often vocal. Red crossbills are visitors in good crossbill years. A short walk to the shoreline overlooks Pretty Marsh harbor. Toilet facilities are available.

Long Pond Fire Road is just beyond the picnic area. Equally good for bicycles and slow vehicles, it winds its way through a mixed forest that should produce a good variety of woodland species. Since it is off the beaten track, walk or drive slowly with windows down. Listen for songs in early summer, and the chatter of foraging flocks in late summer. The road brushes Long Pond at a popular launch for fishermen. Long Pond Road is about 4.7 miles long and exits onto the Hodgdon Road on its south end. Returning along the main road to the original entrance creates a loop of 5.7 miles.
Mt Desert, ME 04660

GPS: 44.332317, -68.407276