Old Settlement Quarry

Old Settlement Quarry
The Old Settlement Quarry is managed by the Island Heritage Land Trust. Although small, it takes a while to explore it fully because of the views and the fascinating history of the site, as explained by several interpretive signs. The trail to the quarry and many of the surrounding paths traverse mixed habitat with lots of spruce and fir. The sounds of winter wrens, Swainson’s thrushes, and drumming ruffed grouse accompany a good walk on this preserve. Weedy vegetation around the quarry attracts sparrows, especially during migration.

Directions: take Route 15 towards Stonington, turning left onto Oceanville Road just before reaching town. In just under a mile, past the sign for Webb Cove Road and Old Quarry Adventures, look for a granite sign on the right and the entrance to the preserve.
Oceanville Rd
Stonington, ME 04681

GPS: 44.179230, -68.639487

44.179230, -68.639487