Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond, like Sieur de Monts, features mature stands of deciduous trees and supports a greater concentration of warblers and other neo-tropical migrants. It gets crowded around the Jordan Pond House restaurant in summer, especially during lunch when diners enjoy the popovers that have been the kitchen’s claim to fame for more than a century.

The Bubbles are two scenic knobs that tower above a section of the Park Loop Road just beyond Jordan Pond. It is one of the park’s favorite hiking places. It is dominated by mixed and open foliage, also making it favorable for warblers.

The Carriage Roads around the Jordan Pond House and Wildwood Stables once belonged to the summering wealthy. Some go for miles. This is generic birding at its best. Hikers, bikers, equestrians, and birders use this network of carriage trails in the park for their adventures. There are no particular hot spots, but any of the passerines typically found in Acadia may be encountered while traversing these trails. The width of the trails is an advantage because they usually offer good birding visibility. During the summer, it’s hard to venture far without hearing the high, reedy whistle of the cedar waxwings that nest throughout the park.
Seal Harbor, ME 04675

GPS: 44.321023, -68.254023