Least Sandpiper
Jonesport: This is the quintessential “Maine fishing village.” Upon entering town from Route 187, most of the shorefront consists of homes, shops, and working docks. Enjoy the ambience, and then cross the bridge over Moosabec Reach to Beals Island. Continue straight ahead along Beals Island, keeping Alley Bay on the left. The causeway to Great Wass Island is just over a mile ahead. Later in summer, scan for shorebirds at mid tide. At high tide, some shorebirds may be roosting on the rocks and ledges near the far end of the causeway. In May and June, a handful of non-breeders often turn up in this location, including red knots and ruddy turnstones. Take pains to scope out the small rocky promontories extending into the flats. If desired, continue on to Great Wass Island preserve.