Crockett Cove Woods

Winter Wren
Crockett Cove Woods is a preserve of The Nature Conservancy and the Island Heritage Trust. Unlike the balsam and white spruce that cover Barred Island Preserve just a few miles away, white pine, oak, and red spruce cover many of its 98 acres. This diversity accommodates a greater variety of warbler species. Black-capped chickadees and red-breasted nuthatches are common. There are 18 interpretive stops along the nature trail.

Directions: From Sunset, continue south about three miles beyond the Sunset Post Office. Turn right onto Whitman Road, and then another right onto Fire Lane 88. The preserve entrance is just ahead, marked by room for a couple of vehicles, a small sign, and a registration box. From Stonington, the preserve is two miles west along the Shore Road and then a left turn onto Whitman Road.
Crockett Cove Woods Preserve
Stonington, ME 04681

GPS: 44.173197, -68.699638