Barred Island

Barred Island Preserve
Barred Island Preserve is a quiet sanctuary of The Nature Conservancy and the Island Heritage Trust that can be hard to find. The trail squeezes between two tracts of privately owned woods through a stand of spruce/fir that is interrupted by yellow birch, some white birch, and a little bit of red and striped maple. The forest floor is carpeted in moss, and interpretive signs on the trail explain the unusual lichens that grow here. This is the domain of Swainson’s thrushes, golden-crowned kinglets, red-breasted nuthatches, blackburnian warblers, and blue-headed vireos. The last quarter of the mile-long trail emerges onto glaciated ledges punctuated by white spruce. The margin between cliff and forest is likely to contain northern parula and black-throated green warblers, while the openly spaced spruces are known for common yellowthroats and song sparrows. Barred Island lies at the end of the trail. At low tide, hikers may clamber onto the island, returning before the tide begins rising again.

Directions: Follow Route 15A south from Deer Isle through Sunset. A half mile after passing the golf course, look for the sign to Goose Cove Road on the right and follow 1.2 miles to the preserve parking lot on the right. There are no signs for the preserve from the main road. The parking lot has room for only a few cars and a sign admonishes visitors to return later if they find the lot full. Do not park in the road. Avoid straying onto private property.
Fr 228I
Deer Isle, ME 04627

GPS: 44.174136, -68.713753