Addison Marsh

Addison Marsh is an uncommonly large salt marsh for this part of the coast, so there is a better opportunity of finding large wading birds here. Canada geese and American black ducks are usually present, and other waterfowl are more sporadic, including blue and green-winged teal. Nelson’s sparrows are present but difficult to tease out. Savannah sparrows are also present, so look carefully.

Check for shorebirds in the mud flats under the bridge and by the public boat landing west of the marsh. Black-bellied Plovers are likely anywhere along the mud flats of Pleasant River during the summer and autumn, joined by semipalmated plovers, and semipalmated and least sandpipers in August. When shorebirds are present, expect a visit from a merlin or peregrine falcon.

Directions: From Columbia Falls on Route 1, take Addison Road south to the village. In the village, turn right for the town boat landing. Turn left to go through the village, and stop at the bridge that spans Pleasant River and the salt marsh. Park and scout very carefully. There is little room on the bridge itself. Upon crossing the bridge, note the left turn onto Wescogus Road that leads toward Jonesport.
490 Ridge Rd
Addison, ME 04606

GPS: 44.617529, -67.746645